The Power Of NOW!


Dear amar, why does every blog post you have almost always has an EXCLAMATION sign to it ?

Of course it does, because life is about exclaiming all the time. Being passive and wishing for things to happen really doesn’t get anything

happening. The only way for things to happen is to make them happen. But stumbling and falling through every step of the way can also be

stressful, i know , been there done that. I used to wish that i could find a program that is cheap (like dirt cheap 99 cents kinda cheap) and

something that i could squeeze in between my lunch break, say an hour at max. There weren’t any. So when there is a wheel what do you do ?

You make something better than the wheel. That is why i have come up with 99 series of programs to help people get over their immediate

limiting beliefs and values. Once the…

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GET bla bla bla QUICK ! < === Utter bollocks



“I have made millions by just sitting on my ass ” “I got lazy and got thin””Do nothing and wish it, want it and have it”

“YOU TOO can now get all this for a LOW LOW LOW PRICE OF %**.”

Sound familiar ?

These are the merchants of hope in this new era. Merchants of self “empowerment” as they would like to call it. Essentially con men of the internet age.

SO many of them flood the web that self help has become a joke in certain quarters.  You will be met with glares and statements  when you say that you are a trainer and such with statements like  “another M O T I V A T I O N A L guy”

Why is this happening i ask ? I believe very deeply in Self Help. It is a great thing to have resources be made available to…

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