GET bla bla bla QUICK ! < === Utter bollocks


“I have made millions by just sitting on my ass ” “I got lazy and got thin””Do nothing and wish it, want it and have it”

“YOU TOO can now get all this for a LOW LOW LOW PRICE OF %**.”

Sound familiar ?

These are the merchants of hope in this new era. Merchants of self “empowerment” as they would like to call it. Essentially con men of the internet age.

SO many of them flood the web that self help has become a joke in certain quarters.  You will be met with glares and statements  when you say that you are a trainer and such with statements like  “another M O T I V A T I O N A L guy”

Why is this happening i ask ? I believe very deeply in Self Help. It is a great thing to have resources be made available to the public by genuine trainers and coaches who genuinely want change for you as they have done for themselves. This may make me sound like a cultist, but i believe absolutely in the Neuro Linguistic Programming Technics,  in hypnosis and therapy. I believe in the forces of the law of attraction, affirmations, meditation, the power of the subconscious mind and many more in those lines. I subscribe to guru’s like Tony Robbins, a truly genuine soul who has helped me so much on a personal level and though i have never met the man personally , his work, books, blogs, video and audios has truly transformed my life. The late Dr.Stephen Covey, Dr.Wayne Dyer, Dr.Pillai, Bo Sanchez, Robert Kiyosaki and the list goes on and on and on. As much as i owe my existence to my parents, i owe in an amount no lesser than the  biggest value of my life today to these guru’s. These people however have a genuine quality to them. I spend a lot of my resource, money and time on self growth. One of my mentor’s , Mr. Barney Wee was instrumental in helping me navigate through my most difficult times years ago. A man who charges premium consultancy rates, but his help is genuine. So genuine in his effort to help me on a personal level he did not charge me a single cent.

I also get spammed with ton’s of emails and video mails of self made guru’s who claim to do webinars, have made gazillion dollars, bla bla bla. No substance. The moment you download their so called e-books, it’s nothing but ready made e-book templates which they got for free over the net to begin with, and the best part the so called book is just a tool to fish for more sales. When i decided to help coach people i set very clear standards. My rates will be premium because i give what  most people can only say they give. I give assurance of maximum amount of success, with one pre-condition. The participants must participate. This is a value that i have learned from all of my mentors.

My modules are custom made by me and my partner also another international trainer. What we teach and impart comes from a great deal of experience, knowledge that was shared to us and materials that have been created and tested for efficiency. Very rarely do you see genuine trainers spamming your inbox bugging you to buy this and that none stop. Though sadly some have been taken in by that wave, i would like to believe it is their business people who have made them do this decision.

However their content still caries weight to this day. It’s been more then 10 years since i purchased my first Tony Robbins books, almost a decade since i have been to a Robert Kiyosaki seminar and used all of his materials for my personal growth, a long time too has passed since i have finished my NLP course . But every one of that investment worked and is continuing to work. I spent a great deal of money and time, but hey, it’s far worth it than a quick fix that comes from some “MANUFACTURED GROUP” from the net.

You see the reason i wrote this particular blog is not to vent or to make some people sound bad and some better. It’s to tell you that you want something, anything at all to happen in your life, it starts with ACTION. The key word is to do. That’s what all of my mentors taught me and have in common. DO ! You wanna get skinny, stop shoving fatty foods in your mouth and start running, at least! You want wealth, then stop using your credit cards, pay up your debt and live with in your means until you have the means to live bigger ! No amount of sitting and visualizing and affirming is going to do any good if you don’t actually do anything. Doing the same thing everyday and expecting different results is insanity. And this was said by Albert Einstein, the smartest man in the world at a time!

So ask your self how will you loose weight if the system you bought of the net say’s you can eat and do what you want and just meditate and you will loose weight. That’s like saying keep punching yourself in the face, but visualize you don’t have a black eye and you wont get one. Really ?

Get help, get inspired, but if anyone say’s you get something for nothing, the deal is usually you get nothing.

Start doing my friends !

p/s: if i was a “MANUFACTURED GROUP” i would end this email with click on this button to find out how you can bla bla bla bla. But i am genuine in my willingness to help because the more i give the more i receive. If you really want to talk about a potential strategy or find out how to best do something and you genuinely cant afford it, let me know and i will do what i can to help without causing a major dent in your wallet !