Get Real, Get Dirty, Get Actin’ !

SEE & BE SEEN2013, came too soon. A time when maturity is colliding with interwoven insecurities and instabilities, a time when i am becoming my own with my own life, my own set of rights and wrongs, i wonder if 2013 could have waited a little longer before popping into my life.

But, that is the reality of life. It’s harsh, it’s imperfect, it’s volatile and it’s brutal. People undeserving of goodness get all the good, those who lie, steal and cheat, murder and rape, deceit and manipulate seem to get all the best of life. But life is also beautiful, wonderful, peaceful, loving, joyous, celebrations all around, hope and dreams still alive in every corner. Success stories of people rising from rags to riches, families reunited, lost loves getting together, babies being born, sun…..well the sun is still shining the last time i looked.

I am now an orphan. Lost my mother to a reason that is still hard for my logical side to comprehend. But in that loss i gained much more, so even in death my mom gave me something. My understanding about money and people has evolved. I still hate some people passionately and love many others with the same ardor and passion, if not more.

More grey hairs, but am grateful for the hair !

At 33 still have a waistline of 29 inches and a belly that isn’t obscene. Technically still not a millionaire, but i wont stop trying. Debt’s..ah well, seems like it’s my most loyal friend. It’s never left me free from the time i was 19. But it’s ok, lots of it are manageable though some can be a bit annoying.

So what is 2013. It’s what it always has been from the moment i began life on this blue ball we call earth. It’s living, growing and experiencing whatever all the years have got to give me. Debts or none, deaths or none, alone or not,life happens. And it will keep happening even after your gone. Making it influential to those around you, is truly a gift that you leave behind to the living.

2013, is going to be the best year of my life. But so will 2014, 2015, 2016……………………

Live By Design.


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