Yeah! I am neither African American or named Jackson, but that movie had one key thing that got me. ACTION. Life is not about us sitting on our ass’s es wishing that things were different. There are so many charlatans out there who sell this and do very well surprisingly. 

Today’s generation of people are so used to having everything, that the moment they don’t have some material thing that will give them the significance for however short it is, they break down. So many new mental and emotional problems, AAAD, ADDS, ADIA. My diagnose is simple they all have one disease, the L A Z Y. Symptoms range from having an addiction to stupid reality tv shows and believing that the only way to be successful is if you are on TV. 

Today is a time when people are so overly vain about their faces, butts and boobs. MEN and WOMEN! 

So like action Jackson  i have decided to make this whole year and years after that to be the action year. Am not gonna sit around doing nothing about it, am gonna make things happen. For me and the world. SO kapoww ya’ll!

Get actin’!


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