2013. That what it should all be about. The last 3 decades of my highly eventful life has changed me in ways that i can’t even begin to fathom. Maybe it’s life’s way of screwing with you. You want something badly enough. NO! You not gonna get that. You really don’t want something, here you go, have this. No amount of praying, having faith in your religion’s deity or reading “The Secret” or copious amounts of metaphysics and pseudoscience will change that. If it ever did, it’s because it was a mathematical outcome, the law of averages.

2012 was a bitch. I will not lie about it. If 2012 was a living being, i’d beat the crap out of it. But it wasn’t. But it did teach me one thing. You are fully responsible for how you want to live your life. It’s never really about the money. Bill’s and expenses will never end, even untill after you are dead. So big whoop. Do your best, fret not. If ever you feel overwhelmed. Stop. Change course for a while, get ideas outside of your own head. Then continue to move, and move in only one direction. Forwards. Forgive.Forget and move man. Move like you have never moved before. Because in the end, that’s all life is. Your either moving or your dead.

I’d like to leave the first blog of the year with a quote,

“If in life you keep coming to the same circle no matter how hard you struggle, it’s a damned good time to change your course”

Happy New Year ,2013 is gonna be awesome because am gonna move it with me!


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