We all want things. I do and you do. When I was younger I wanted so much more things. Material things. I was gravely, and I meant gravely unhappy not having things. I wanted so many fancy shiny toys ranging from cars to clothes to women! Was I happy ? Well momentarily.  I went from being humble, to a cocky A@#  Son Of A #$^%. The more stuff  I had the more miserable I became. I mean it was fun for a while, but it was never enough. It was always about the next thing and next thing. Never stopping. But the happiness would spike up, especially when I felt better around people who didn’t have what I had. Although I would try to mask it as humility, the joy was clear. But again that wasn’t joy or happiness. It was something far sinister, EGO, the acronym for EDGING GOD OUT.  Let me explain. We come into this world, having nothing. Not even the clothes on our back. When we die we also carry nothing. Birth and death are not real, merely a cycle of a larger cosmic dance. Hence life is also not real. What you achieve in life, is just mere knowledge, so when your soul matter becomes something else, you carry that knowledge. But the earth realm is a temptress. Sometimes we tend to forget the big picture, that all there is to this plane of existence is to exist, to love and to live. We can live without McDonalds and Starbucks. But, if you are comforted by the lack of soulful fulfillment, you tend to fill it up with material stuff. Now I am not saying that material things are all bad and all that stuff. I do enjoy a good latte. But, the world is in its current predicament of stress, pain and suffering constantly because of these wants. EGO eventually leads to greed. And greed, well that just leads you to do a lot of stupid things. And eventually you become miserable again, What’s the point of it all then? The quest was to be happy, so why not find an eternal way of joy? Why again and again try to buy happiness, when it has been said over and over again, the best things in life are free! So this is my simple formula for happiness. Hope it works for you too.


  1. Divide the material good that you want and have by a 100. Meaning if you have 5 material goods (money, cars, toys, iPhones, hot swimsuit models, etc.), it becomes 20% per item.
  2. For each material good your ego is multiplied by 5%. So if you have 5 material goods, your ego is 5 % X 5, equals to 75% ego.
  3. For your happiness scale, minus 100 % with your current ego. So if your ego is 75% , and you deduct it with 100%, you get 25% happiness. That is how happy you are.

This scale is a formula to help you evaluate only. There is no scientific research done to it. But just humor yourself to see if it is accurate. If it is,  then great. If it is not then I guess this isn’t for you. Just a logical analysis, if the happiness percentage is less the 50%, it means you are happy only half the time. So is owning and wanting all this constantly really worth sacrificing your own happiness?



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