Slow Down. It’s Ok.

Take the foot off the accelerator

When you are driving really fast. music and air-conditioning on full blast, and the car runs out of gas, and the nearest gas station is 2 kilometers away, what do you do ? Most of the advice would be to keep the speed so you can reach the gas station. But if you do that, instead of gas there will only be hot air to keep the car going and it will stall, and if you were to over confident on the ability to make it to the gas station and you did not even move towards the emergency lane, the car could stall right in the middle of the highway and be run over by other cars coming at high speeds, causing you damage physically and emotionally.

This is the very same principal in life. If you feel that you are moving too fast in life, faster than your ability to grow and mature emotionally and mentally the best thing to do is to slow down.

If you are spending more money then you are making , stop, slow down.

In the situation of the car the best thing to do is, to switch to the emergency lane, reduce your speed so the rpm is between 1000  to 2000, switch off the a/c, wind down the window and take it easy. When you switch off the a/c, you immediately save about 40% of your fuel consumption and when the rotation cycle per minute of the engine is drastically slowed down, so too is the fuel intake. Makes sense right ? But how do I know this ? Simple, you learn, you read about fuel consumption, and you understand how a car works. You don’t have to be a repairman or a mechanic, but understanding the clear fundamentals of how your car works, will save you a lot of trouble.

Same exact scenario when it comes to life. So many people today all over the world get into credit cards and loans without fully understanding how money really works. They get a job that pay 3,000 a month. They realize that they can’t make ends meet, so they get a job that pays more, but they also live higher than the wage that pays more. Eventually this pattern will reach a saturation point and bam, just like the stalled car, life will stall too. Some get out of the stalled situation and get back into the cycle, well a lot of people stay in the rut and fall below in the lines developed by society.

Imagine, if you make a 3,000 a month salary and your take home pay is probably about 2,500. After all your rent’s and bills, you have probably 200 left. But you don’t let that stop you, and you allow credits cards to own your life. Buying and spending on things that you really don’t need. What is the purpose of paying for an annual gym membership, if you attend it once a month ? If you were forced to pay that amount with cash, you would think 3 or 4 times even about doing that. But when you are given the credit card option, you believe in something that has not materialized, and you sign your life over.


You only have to live and please yourself, no one else. Don’t live your life on just hot air. Have substance. BE tangible. And when you have the means, then the cruise of life will feel a million times more rewarding.



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