How badly do you want it ? IT. The thing that makes the world go around. IT the substance of life. What is IT ?

IT is that relationship you crave.

IT is the material goods you desire.

IT is the wealth and health you want so much.

IT. We all want IT, we feel like we need IT and we are constantly in search of IT or pursuing IT.

But then some little twit comes along and say’s “Yo, you can’t have IT because you are not all that. He is all that and that’s why he has IT”

And you go, ohhhh yeah, that little twit is right.  WRONG!!!

We all have that, and we don’t need some little twit to come and tell us that we can’t or shouldn’t.

How badly you want IT depends entirely on you.  But the path to IT is not going to be easy. Never has, never will be. Reason being simple, if you were just given IT , then it has no value to you, so you wont appreciate IT. But more important than IT is the process of getting IT. A lot of times when you have IT you realize, hey IT is fine that I have IT now, but IT doesn’t matter anymore. Because you have learned and gained so much experience that IT has just become a reference point in life for you to go to one point of consciousness to another. That’s all there is to IT.

So, you can always get IT at anytime, anyplace and by any means necessary. The question is do you really want IT ?


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