CLIMB THE WALLAn aggressive title I must say. TO CRUSH AND DESTROY. But context. That’s what matters. I AM CRUSHING AND DESTROYING my limitations. That there is good context. LIMITATIONS. A word that has stopped many from truly growing because they see these walls of limitation everywhere they see, everywhere they and in everything they do. It may not show up immediately when you embark on something, be it a job, a relationship or anything else for that matter. Everything that we want to do , we can do. Good or bad, again that’s context. But if your intentions in the context of growth, love and peace, then I guess you are okay, in my books anyway. So what is LIMITATION. Put simply with all the semantics aside, LIMITATIONS are nothing but not knowing. Whatever the situation is, all limitations is just that, not knowing. For example, you want to say….design an app. So you go ahead and draft out the idea of your app. Your research it, you design the look and feel of it. Then you hit that wall of LIMITATION. You realize that you don’t know how to write an app. Oh damn! Then you start getting mad. Then you get sad. Then you get stupid, which is you say the all the time popular looser mantra, “ah well, that’s not meant to be and it probably wouldn’t have been worth it any way, there are better app’s out there and cheaper. I don’t think I would have been able to pull it out”. You go ahead from being an inspired visionary to a depressed and self-defacing moron. I know this how ? Because I have been both. And many times I was the self-defacing moron. But that’s the thing, if you have been an inspired visionary and you have a record of the proof o success of your visions, you can always boot out the self-defacing moron that lives within all of us.

ANYTHING at all and when I say ANYTHING, I mean ANYTHING can be done and done well by ANYONE and I mean ANYONE at all at ANYTIME and I mean ANYTIME. How do I know that ? Because I AM that ANYONE at ANYTIME doing ANYTHING all the time every time. Growing up I was heavily discouraged from favoring arts or sports and was just badgered to learn and study school books. Every hobby I had was mocked and thrashed. When I grew up, I got into a frenzy of working out and for 7 years I worked out every day, twice a day at times and had the body image that I wanted. I was horrible in college as it was an arts college and for years I carried that limitation from childhood with me, and was a below average student. Every time I see my friends with amazing design and artistic skills I felt like I never belonged. Well now, from a graduating class of 20 plus kids of my batch mates only a handful are actually practicing “artists” if you’d will. And I am director and actor and writer and designer and well . I AM an artist too.

EVERYTHING is possible at ANYTIME by ANYONE. Even when you become old and outdated , which I feel sometimes especially these days with the Justin Bieber and Mylie Cyrus generation, I AM still capable of DOING ANYTHING at ANYTIME. All you need is focus and discipline and the drive to do it.

Let me share my simple formula of getting ANYTHING done at ANYTIME by ANYONE with you.


  1. GET RESOURCEFUL – Stop focusing and whining with what you don’t have currently. HAVING is just an illusion. It is never real. So FOCUS on what is real. YOU in the NOW is the only REALITY hence the only REAL RESOURCES you have is what is with you NOW. USE that, whatever it is. Computer’s, internet, money, people, books whatever it is. BE RESOURCEFUL with the RESOURCES that exist in your life at this moment, because they are there for you to use them for the exact reason you want them for.
  2. FOCUS – This is tough. BUT get through this eventually the FOCUS becomes you and you will just glide through. When you hit a bump FOCUS on the big picture.
  3. BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND – Whatever it is that you are trying to achieve, always begin with how it will be and how you want it to be when you have it. No matter how difficult it seems, have the end in mind. Have a picture of how it should look like and it will help.
  4. HYDRATE– Have water. No SODA”s. Tea is fine. Coffee is ok. But water , plain old H2O is the best. So hydrate. When you are in the creation mode, there is so much energy passing through you if you don’t hydrate, you will burn out and feel lethargic.
  5. GET ALIGNED – During this phase, at all cost’s stay away from toxic individuals. ONLY be around and in contact of positive and likeminded people. (THIS IS THE MOST VITAL STEP). Tune out the toxic people.
  6. IGNORE THE MORON WITH IN– Our biggest enemy, is self-doubt. From time to time the inner self-defacing moron will pop up making you feel lost, hopeless, depressed and as if you can’t do it. SLAP OUT OF IT. I mean if you have to literally SLAP yourself so the pain will misdirect the moron with-in. I mean this. And the moron will pop up a lot when you are used to being doormat in life. As you become stronger, the moron will become a friend.

BE GRACEFUL- Remember, you began this with personal fulfillment in mind. Don’t gloat about, don’t get big headed about it. Just ACCEPT, ADAPT and CHANGE.  ACCEPT that you have what it takes to do what you set out to do, ADAPT to the situations and challenges that pop up and CHANGE the approach to your future decisions and executions of ideas.

Well good luck to all of you, I do hope you actually do it, but then again who decides for you, the INSPIRED and GROWTH oriented you or the inner moron ?



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