I hate that word. As a matter of fact I despise it. In spite all of my big talk about being different; doing things differently and growing personal identity and all that, ROUTINE is something that is vital for personal growth. YES! A daily routine is vital for how your day goes in and out.

Routine helps develop habits. Habits help develop discipline. And discipline develops skills. Skills develop quality. And quality develops incomes and other slew of things that go with it. Nothing and I mean NOTHING happens overnight. Good or bad it’s all a cascading effect, try being late for everyday to work. It will accumulate and you will lose your job.  What if you’re early on time to work every day, that it becomes a habit. And suddenly one day you are late? People start worrying about you. Because your on timely behavior has become a habit and that garnered respect for your punctuality. Hence if you are late it must mean that you are down with something that has prevented you from continuing that routine.

So with all that talk about ROUTINE why is it vital?  If you feel like your life has become staled, then you need a new routine. If you feel stagnant, if you feel there is a lack of growth, if you feel like you are slacking, if your team is slacking, if you just feel you need things to work, my friend start a routine. That eventually becomes a habit. A good habit develops good results and a bad habit…well that just produces really bad results. If you wake up at 6 am every day, exercise, eat a good brekkie, pray, meditate and read or watch something positive and good, do you honestly think that habit over 5 days or 5 years will bring you harm ?

Simple right ? NOW DO IT!   Doing is tough, you may not enjoy the discipline of developing a routine, but hey, the pain of discipline is much less when compared to the pleasure of success.



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