Self. Me. I. The god within. A lot of times, when we are in duress, emotionally , financially or any other “ly” for that matter,we turn to god. Church, mosques, temples and the list goes on an on. We ask in prayer to a force that is outside for guidance, for help, for redemption.

IS there a force out there called god ? Maybe, i dont know, but i hope so.

Will this force help ? Maybe, perhaps.

But then, how can we be redeemed. Well this came to me while i was talking to a friend on my current situation, where i was expecting for some money to come in, only to be told that it was delayed for another month! I was so depressed , i fell sick almost immediately. When i came out of the depression, i asked why does this god or universe or whatever it is keep punishing me.


Then, the answer came to me. The universe will do what it needs to when it needs to. But the only person who can do anything about anything, is me. To have the utmost confidence and belief that me, i , will not let myself down. I will not let myself fail because i have the ability to redeem myself. To save myself. When everyone else let’s go of my hand, i will save me, by swimming to the shore.

I am confident. I am capable. I can do this.


Ghost’s …the HAUNTING!

I have come a very long way, ego broken, pride shattered, dignity stripped, i am now just a barren land. And from afar, a new sead creeped it’s way into this desert and planted itself. It’s trying very hard to grow and i want it to grow oo, but , i am being shadowed by the storms of my past, apparations at most, but still powerful.

What can a man do when he is bombarded with sights and sounds of that he doesnt wish to see ?