Akasha – Complications, Acceptance, Transcendence ?

In life we hear constant jibber jabber of accepting and acceptance. Some , throw this word around. It’s complicated this acceptance business, and it hits you in the face smack center when you least expect it.

So when you are thrown complications in life what do you do ? For 29 years this what i did.

I ran.

I ran away from the problem. the complication so to speak, i kept ignoring, never facing the issue. Which in the end always left me hurt and devastated.

I am now faced with a new complication. Something that i believe years of dodging and escaping has finally caught up with. So for the first time in my life, as i enter being in existence for 30 years, i have decided to face this complication. By facing it i mean i have come to accept that life will throw me trials and tribulations. If i cease to accept that , then my entire life will ONLY be trials and tribulations. I do not want that.

So, i am no longer having expectations of what my life opportunities should be. I do have ambitions and plans, and i believe that life will give me the best opportunities to attain my goals and ambitions through “complications”. And my acceptance of this complications for what it is, will i believe help me transcend to a new level.

I am now re-learning to live, love and see life in a new point of view. And i have new complication which i have vowed to see through and accept. And sometime in the future, this complication will transform itself into a beautiful transcendence that i pray and hope it will be.

Will it ?

Time will tell . . . . . . . . . . .


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